Why 2D Animation?

2D animation has been around since the 1800’s and has become the key artistic medium for story-telling and conveying messages.

Why 2D Animation? Simon Milk

It is everywhere: on the screens of our TVs, on the internet,
in the cinemas, even on the billboards on the streets.

There are many benefits:

Quick to Produce

Advanced software means that 2D animation is becoming faster and more accessible.

Lower Costs

2D animation is cheaper than 3D animation and the reduced production time cuts costs.

Story Focused

2D animations are usually story orientated. 3D animations often have the ‘wow factor’, but this can sometimes distract from the story or key message.

We are actually going to see more 2D animation than ever… because animated shorts… simply work!


Explainer animation is a simple tool that you can use to explain your ideas, services and products in a clear and entertaining way. Explainers have an educational element which ensures an authentic connection with your audience.  An explainer is a great way to trigger interest, drive more conversions and increase your customer engagement. 


Commercial animations are traditional forms of promotions to market a particular product or service by focusing on offerings and benefits.  They are designed and targeted to push your potential customers further along their buying cycle and trigger them to seriously consider a purchase.


Animation in eLearning can take your learners even further by making knowledge more interactive and accessible.  eLearning animation can break down complex concepts and can supply the different emotions that empower and entice learners.  You can connect with learners’ emotions to relax them or inspire them to work harder.  Animation creates an atmosphere for an eLearning course that sets it apart, bringing personality to the course beyond simple black and white words on a screen.


A product animation brings your product to life showcasing how it functions in the real world.  The audience gets to imagine what it would be like to use the product.  Product videos demonstrate the benefits of the product and the problems it can solve to improve your customers’ lives for the better.  This is a great marketing tool, which can break down complex ideas and information about your product quickly and succinctly.


Software animations are the best way to give a guided and detailed representation of your software, its’ features, how they look and work.  They provide a detailed description of a product-solution, that helps to solve users’ problems.  Software companies use this kind of video to showcase their product from all different angles, demonstrate their full potential and make it understandable for their target audience.  They are memorable and informative tools.