It all started in the 1970’s when mum stuck me in front of the television to try and shut me up…

It’s the same thing… it’s just not the 1970’s...

About Simon Milk

Animated explainer videos are the answer!

They are, without question, the ideal format for your audience to grasp anything easily.  They just work!  My primary purpose is to help you to reach your target audience with different styles of animation and sound and I believe that every concept can be explained through animation.

I am a 2D Animation and Whiteboard Animation specialist who has spent the last 10 years making things move and bringing ideas, products, services and training materials to life using simple (but really effective) animation.  I specialise in making beautifully animated explainer videos and social media videos and I deliver to the highest of standards.

I like to get involved in all aspects of my work – not just the animation 🙂

Establishing a good relationship with my clients and generating a stunning final product are the two things I care about most.  I have worked with some of the big names, including:

  • British Gas
  • NHS
  • LegalZoom
  • Virgin Media
  • Skillsoft

…plus, I’m a digital learning specialist with managerial and instructional skills that help create high-end professional courses and e-learning content.

I am committed to providing unique explainer videos at a reasonable price (that do not look cheap.)

  • I am reasonably priced

  • I am easy to talk to

  • I am creative

  • I can animate

  • I can edit audio

  • I can edit video

  • I am a pretty safe bet